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About Us – intro paragraph

Founded in 1977, The Samaritans on Cape Cod and the Islands is a non-sectarian, non-profit volunteer organization whose mission is to end suicide by combating suicide risk conditions and easing the impacts of suicidal activity through fostering caring, connection, resilience, and public understanding. Samaritan volunteers provide non-judgmental active listening to callers in need on our… Read more »

July Update

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Worried About Someone? – FAQ

Why does someone attempt suicide? It might be helpful to understand the phrase “suicide attempt” is misleading. What we call a suicide attempt is often not an attempt to die, but an attempt to communicate and/or an attempt to solve a problem. Suicide knows no boundaries – it doesn’t care if you’re a man or woman,… Read more »

Worried About Someone? – What do I do if they say they are suicidal?

Once you’ve asked your loved one if they are suicidal and have allowed them to share how they are feeling, there are still more questions you’ll need to ask. Not only are these questions helpful to keep your loved one talking, but they will help you assess the immediate risk of suicide: Have you thought about how… Read more »

Worried About Someone? – How do I ask someone if they are suicidal?

The most straightforward way to ask the question is to say, “Are you thinking about suicide?” Remember, there is nothing wrong with saying the word “suicide.” You will not give the person you care about the idea by saying the word or by asking about it. But you might help relieve some of the pain they are… Read more »

Worried About Someone? – Some tips to keep in mind

Once you’ve established with your loved one that you are truly open to actively listening, it might be helpful to keep some of these tips in mind: Acceptance: When actively listening, it’s important to accept the whole person. Ensure your loved one doesn’t feel you have lost respect for them because of something they may have revealed…. Read more »