Thank You for a Memorable Event!

On September 7th, 2017, as part of its 40th Anniversary Celebration, Samaritans on Cape Cod and the Islands made history with an incredible night of breaking down the stigma around mental health — a night of candor, humor and community that we will never forget.

Darrell  Hammond tells his story

Mental Illness is not an Airborne Virus


Our thanks to:

  • the over 400 people who attended;
  • the volunteers, staff and event planning committee members who worked so tirelessly to make the event such a great success;
  • The Enterprise Newspapers for assistance with event promotion;
  • The Parsons Group for helping us through “the process;”
  • Mindy Todd, host of The Point with Mindy Todd, for acting as our moderator and emcee;


Darrell Hammond answers questions from the audience with the help of Mindy Todd


  • the Lamb and Lion Inn for providing wonderful accommodations for Mr. Hammond;
  • Titcomb’s Bookshop for organizing a great book signing for the event;
  • Photographer, Katie Roman, for making sure that we have lasting memories from the evening;
  • Gray Gables Market for the delicious refreshments (both in the lobby and backstage!);
  • And, of course, Mr. Darrell Hammond for so candidly sharing his story and encouraging those who are struggling to reach out and ask for help.