Care Packages

Survivors of suicide loss are often confronted with many – sometimes unanswerable – questions as they begin the healing process after a friend or loved one has died by suicide. Talking with other loss survivors with shared experience can be therapeutic; but not everyone is interested in attending a support group and sometimes support groups aren’t available locally.

We began our Care Package program to address this need and to help loss survivors receive support during their most private moments. Each Care Package contains books, brochures, articles, and online resources that other loss survivors have found helpful as they grieve. Specific books for children, parents, siblings, spouses, or friends can be included within each package. Care Packages are available free of charge, and can be mailed anywhere in the United States.

I had no one I was able to talk to after losing my closest friend. People around me either didn’t understand or thought they would upset me more by talking about him. Nighttime was the worst for me. I could never sleep, always thinking “what if” over and over again. So I kept the care package next to my bed. It’s helped me feel less alone. Thank you, Samaritans, for caring.

If you have lost someone to suicide, we can send the Care Package directly to your address. If you would like to give a Care Package to someone you know, we would like to mail the package to you so the survivor isn’t surprised to receive an unsolicited package. You may then share it with the survivor when the time is right.

Please contact us at to learn more or click the button below to receive a Care Package. All information is kept confidential.
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