John Gassmann Runs for Team Samaritans

Jun 26, 2024 | Blog

On a warm August morning, the streets of Falmouth will be filled with the rhythmic pounding of feet and the spirited cheers of supporters. Among the dedicated runners is John Gassmann, a participant in the Falmouth Road Race 2024, running with a purpose that transcends personal achievement: suicide prevention. Running on behalf of Team Samaritans, his journey is one of raising awareness and funds for our critical mission, driven by a deep-seated commitment to mental health.

Inspiration Behind the Cause

When asked what inspired him to choose suicide prevention for his fundraising efforts, John’s answer is rooted in empathy and a broader connection to the issue. “I have fortunately not had anyone in my immediate family or close friends be impacted by suicide, but I have had some loved ones of friends lose their lives to suicide,” he shares. This indirect yet profound connection has fueled his passion for supporting our mission.

John acknowledges the intrinsic link between mental health and suicide prevention, highlighting his close connections with those grappling with mental health challenges. This awareness has underscored the importance of his mission, aiming to shed light on the often-overlooked aspects of mental health and the critical need for supportive resources.

Training and Preparation

Preparing for a race like the Falmouth Road Race is no small feat, but John’s commitment to the cause has given him a unique source of motivation. “I am working out and running most days, even if it is just a mile or two,” he says. The knowledge that he is running for a purpose greater than himself has spurred him on, pushing him to train harder and stay dedicated. 

This mental fortitude is as important as the physical preparation. Knowing that each step he takes brings more attention and potentially more support for suicide prevention gives John an added layer of resolve. His training regimen has become a daily reminder of the lives he hopes to impact through his efforts.

Fundraising Journey

Fundraising is often a challenging endeavor, but John’s experience has been marked by both perseverance and community support. “I have fortunately met my goal, but still am reaching out to people to see if they can help,” he explains. This ongoing effort speaks to the ever-present need for funds in nonprofit work, where every contribution can make a significant difference.

Impact and Awareness

John’s participation in the race is more than a personal challenge; it’s a platform to amplify awareness about suicide prevention. By running the race, John aims to inspire others to engage with and support Samaritans, ensuring that our vital work continues to reach those in need. “I hope that the people that I ask to sponsor me for the race take a deeper look into the cause, and I hope it motivates them to think of sponsoring Samaritans again,” he expresses. 

Message to Readers

In sharing his journey, John has a message for readers. “I have had the number for the suicide prevention hotline in my address book for almost 10 years. Even if you don’t think you will need it, I encourage people to also add it, just in case.” This simple act of preparedness can be a lifeline, underscoring the importance of being proactive in mental health support.

If you’d like to support John in his fundraising efforts, please visit her fundraising page. Every contribution brings us one step closer to preventing suicide and saving lives. 

Check out the full #TeamSamaritans at


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