Volunteer with Crisis Services

Samaritans volunteers make a difference in the lives of our callers every day just by picking up the phone. There is no particular prior professional, personal, or volunteer background experience necessary to become a Samaritans Crisis Line volunteer. We provide all of the training, mentoring, and ongoing support you might need to feel confident and comfortable taking calls and providing support to those who reach out.
Our volunteers come from all walks of life but share the same desire to extend care and compassion to those in need. In addition to being caring and empathetic, volunteers must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • Based anywhere in the U.S.
  • Able to access to private space and technology for remote call-taking (internet and phone, iPad or computer)
  • Able to serve at least one 2.5 or 5-hour shift each week

“It opened up a whole new world of empathy and patience for me that I do not think that I would have learned anywhere else. This was a very unique experience that I am proud to have been part of. You have some of the best, most caring, and supportive supervisors that I have ever worked with. I am truly thankful.”

— Samaritans Crisis Line Volunteer

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