Honoring Those We’ve Lost: Meet Sarah Evans

Jul 8, 2024 | Blog

Participating in the 2024 Falmouth Road Race, Sarah Evans runs with a purpose, driven by a deeply personal connection to suicide prevention. Sixteen years ago, Sarah’s family was forever changed when her uncle tragically took his own life. Now, Sarah honors her uncle’s memory and supports others facing similar struggles by running for #TeamSamaritans.

Inspiration Behind the Cause

During her family’s grief after the loss of her uncle, they turned to The Samaritans for support, a resource that became a pillar in their healing process. Sarah adds, “I have a few other people in my life who have struggled with suicidal thoughts and feelings, so running for The Samaritans and suicide prevention is something that extends beyond just the story of my uncle.”

Training and Preparation

Training for a race is never easy, especially when faced with the challenges of summer heat. Yet, Sarah finds strength in her mission. Remembering why she runs helps her push through the tough days. With her boyfriend also participating in the race, she finds extra motivation and camaraderie in their shared goal. Sarah shares, “Although he is not running the race for The Samaritans, suicide prevention is also important to him, so we have been able to lean into that to push us!”

Fundraising Journey

Sarah’s fundraising efforts have been met with heartfelt support from friends, family, and neighbors. Each donation is a reminder of her uncle’s impact and the importance of her cause. One message, in particular, left a profound mark: “Someone very generous who knew my uncle well wrote in her message to me that I am making him so proud by running for suicide prevention.” This affirmation fuels Sarah’s determination to raise funds, knowing that every dollar helps prevent others from experiencing the pain her family endured.

Impact and Awareness

At 22 years old, Sarah recognizes the mental health struggles that many in her age group face. She hopes her participation in the race will highlight The Samaritans as a valuable resource, particularly for young people. By running, she aims to spread the message that there is always help available and that seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness. 

Message to Readers

Sarah’s message to the community is one of unity and strength. “The world is a better place because each of us exists in it. It is so important that we work together to better ourselves and those around us, and to remind each other that getting help is never a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of immense strength.”

By sharing her story and running for #TeamSamaritans, Sarah hopes to inspire others to recognize their worth, seek the support they need, and contribute to a community where mental health resources are accessible and utilized.

If you’d like to support Sarah in her fundraising efforts, please visit her fundraising page. Every contribution brings us one step closer to preventing suicide and saving lives.  

Check out the full #TeamSamaritans at https://capesamaritans.org/falmouth-road-race/


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